Saturday, December 12, 2009

St John & Kusu Island: Scouting For Venue

First, this is something happened a long long long time ago… weeks before exam, if not mistaken. Yes, after Raya, Lydia and Xiu Ling were finding venue for Juxtepost Camp. Hence I was invited to come along – not sure of committing in the camp, but might join in the fun since it will be held during vacation. Anyway, this is just an excuse – because I wished to follow so that I can have fun as well, wahahaha! So, that day, the four of us (Lydia, Thomas, Xiu Ling and I) met at MRT station and walked to the pier. We had some packed lunch and waited for the boat.


At first sight, I thought it was this weird boat and wondered why on Earth someone would want to board this ship to an island.


But it appears that I was wrong. Our boat was a normal boat. And hence we took our time in the boat looking around on top of the deck. That was a typical boat with floats and it was white.


We had time taking photos again. We spotted an old man with colourful beard and Thomas kept showing weird expression by looking through Xiu Ling’s binoculars.


Then, we finally reached!!! St John Island, voilà!

We saw patches of ‘plants’ – not sure is it appropriate to conclude it as seaweed straightaway, but this is it!


We walked deep in to have a look around the camp site and look for the registration office. Instead of meeting the officer, we met these fellows and several different kinds of birds.

Heading out of the office, of course, we took photos to show we went to that island. And here is the proof!


Since the office was close, we decided to walk around ourselves just to find there was no water cooler around except one mentioned by the security-like people that is situated inside the camp site, oh no! And that’s when we reach the Lagoon, which forms the natural safe area for swimming because its water level is not higher than a normal people height. However, we heard there were lost here before, so we must observe carefully! The beach was quite rough, covered with loads of broken corals and sea shells. We picked up some and have a look!


We even found a molt that looked exactly like a small crab!


Thomas watched the wind and got some inspiration by taking one tissue paper from Lydia and went off performing Bollywood dance on the beach.


Me, I took off my shoes and joined Xiu Ling in the sea! Nope, we didn’t play water because we forgot to pack extra clothing, too bad. But the sea bed is quite rough, same covered with broken corals.


One thing about lagoon is that you get an extent from the beach that protects the lagoon like arms. There it was, the ‘arms’. We decided to adventure a bit by climbing on and walk towards the edge. Lydia had a little problem with the climbing, but she did complete the journey in the end!


In the end, we sat at the edge and Xiu Ling took out her Ecology book to examine some shells we found along the way. Interesting huh, examining books in the middle of the sea, but it is fresh! I particularly liked the group photo!


After St John Island, the boat will stop by Kusu. So we steal the short period of time to explore the island as well. When we reach Kusu Island, we were quite exhausted due to shortage of something by the name of Hetch-To-Owh.

The sight on Kusu was a bit different as it was more developed in terms of buildings with places that are more towards tourism.


There were these water thingy and Chinese-like buildings built on lakes, nice! How I wish I can just sit there and enjoy some tea, play some Chinese chess, recite some poem, get someone to play some qing for me, feel the wind and – whoops – I forgot I was not in drama. Yup, it is really nice if we had enough time to enjoy… There were wishing well and a tortoise place, not bad!



Kusu Island Trip was quit rush. As the boat sounded its horn, the four of us were running and hopping all the way towards the pier with all strength we had got when we were already dehydrated…

After we reach the mainland, we specially filled ourselves with gallons and gallons of water. Now we know what the stall selling water was there for. Anyway, we reached back the building-filled space and realized we were after all back to where we first were. At the same time, Me, Lydia and Thomas went off to a halal food restaurant for dinner. The food there was quite nice but what was special was the bandung – never drank for so long, ahhhh!!!


Thanks to Thomas for some photos and These are the one I took.

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