Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Avatar: Thrice Retour for the Ticket

This is the only time I went back to the same cinema thrice just to get the ticket. After watching 2012 in Singapore, I saw the teaser trailer and was quite attracted by the colours in AVATAR… Hence, when I went back to Penang, I decided to share movie experience with my parents. So, we decided to watch on the Monday. I wanted to go there early to buy ticket, but Papa said, “Ahhh… who will watch movie on Monday? People are working…” I am like ‘okay…’. So, when we reached later for the ticket, it is BLINKING RED --- SOLD OUT. So, we decided to come the next day. On Tuesday, Papa (after being lectured by Mummy :P) agreed that we should go earlier for the ticket. So, after lunch, we went off to buy ticket. It was like 4 hours earlier and believe it or not, it’s BLINKING YELLOW --- The assistant told me there were only first 2 rows left. WHAT?!

So, the third day, we went to buy the ticket before lunch – just when the mall just opened (crazy, eh?). This time, luckily, we got ourselves nice seats and TICKETS!!! So, we went back to do our stuff before going back at late evening for the movie. phew…


The movie was not bad. The plot is okay but what attracted me the most is the colours. Greenish-blue creatures – they are just beautiful! I have say, THUMBS UP for the designers with the beautiful colours that formed Pandora. They made us realized how nature can be that pretty, if we ever open our eyes to see things properly. In our world, we can’t see the world properly, because our vision were always blurred by several factors. We keep on taking all these for granted, until it is too late and we starts to find some other place to continue destroying. WAKE UP, people!

Anyway, as usual, I liked the flying part. Besides, Na’vi needs the ‘bond’ to connect themselves and understand the nature. But I am sure, if human are to use their heart in learning what is around us, we can understand them, without a physical bond. The main character used his avatar as his beginning of his new life. Just like him, mankind should start to turn over a new leaf – love what is around us, before it is too late.

Overall, I like the colours. The plot, the effects – were still inside expectation. But I really have kudos for the designs!!! LIKE LIKE LIKE!!! The colours of the forests were just locking my eyes on the screen, screening every plants and creatures appearing on that flat white screen. It’s a movie worth watching!

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