Friday, January 22, 2010

Boulevard of Time

Just came back from Eusoff Hall for volleyball match. After days of sleeping at 3 am, I thought I can finally settle down – but guess what? I am still sleeping late! For nights, we had been training through the midnight – Thanks Wan Lee for requesting the lights on period to be extended. Then today, ended a match – now I am doing work for Set Décor – plus searching my way to reach Marine Parade tomorrow(hours later).

Anyway, yesterday, heard we were going to have supper – but ended up receiving a box of something outside my door – containing some weird sandwiches and ‘leaked air’ crackers – Thanks Block Comm for that. I have no idea what happened to this year but we were not given nice supper like last year anymore. Sad.

Anyway, buzy-ness had kept the whole row apart… and kept me away from the whole world, it seems… Carmen was busy with her Buddhist Society and OCIP, Sharlene with road relay, Priscillia with Aca, Me with YOU-KNOW-WHAT, Christina with her Sec work, Ek Theng with XQRJ, Wan Lee with Volleyball, Esther with Sports Comm, Rachel with Soccer, Yu Wei with squash, Jia Ni with XQ oso… So, the whole row were filled with people whom you met in bathroom but them rushed probably after 5 minutes to another activities. I guess, among all the rushing of time, I felt – this Boulevard of Time, was designed specially for one another – in mine, it didn’t intersect with others – making my way too empty to go on…

Today, the guys’ match was terrifically NICE!!! Winning close, we cheered like mad and I particularly wanted to highlight this: Our Girls turned to Eusoff supporters and said: “ Shut Up La!”. Cool, yeah! That’s the thing I always hold myself back from doing and I started to think, maybe sometimes, I need courage – I am a coward in these, seriously – maybe that’s why i get bullied all the way… Anyway, liked what the girls did!!!

Then our match with Raffles. Their team was not as good with only some key players. However, we lose again. Instead of sitting outside, I get to play though… My service was not as good as expected as they are not as steep as I wanted and was not where I wanted them to reach… I missed some ball, shame for me… and I received a couple of ball and particularly spikes and first ball!!!  When you get hit so many times, you will start retract from attack – that’s normal – and that happened to me in Softball… One Softball that is not soft at all on my forehead – I am scared of Fly Ball till now (I forced myself to receive it this year, reluctantly – what can I do? I can’t show fear in front of members). Several on the shins, I never wanted to run towards the ball ever again ( I think I need to heal it myself – psycologically). I got hit flat on face more than twice with volleyball – and I used to jerk when I saw a steep ball coming to me – the pain when your glasses hit your nose – can you imagine that? You will feel like crying because the nose is just so weak… But today, I guess, determination forced me to go towards it. At least I took up the ball… and it prevented me from being hit flat on my face… We lose with very bad numbers, but I am sure – sometimes, numbers are unreliable. We might played very badly, but effort paid, that’s all that worth…

Anyway, now I need to skip one French lesson because of the other match – and I am wondering will I catch up with most people in class had been in France before (freaking uneasy when they keep asking us to share experience in France in French – because I never went there and my French was like bottom of the bottomline now!). Now, shall continue doing my things, before I break the record of sleeping at 3 again…

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