Saturday, January 23, 2010

爱吾钟灵 Chung Ling Dragon Boat Tragedy

Today, went over for NVAC BBQ  and we played a game: Ships and Captains. We have to follow the command and one of it was Capsize and we need to cling on the nearest bushes(island). Immediately, my mood swayed as the images of the tragedy floats back into my mind…


Last Sunday, 17th of January, 2010, Chung Ling High School’s Dragon Boat members went out to the sea for dragon boat trainings. Their boat capsized and was pulled down underwater current. This tragedy results in loss of 6 lives, 1 teacher and 5 students. All the while, I always thought myself, who had graduated from Chung Ling High School Butterworth, will not be sad for another Chung ling. But, truth told me that I was wrong. 爱吾钟灵, was undoubtedly, always in my heart, the moment I stepped into the school, deep inside. No matter it is Chung Ling High School, Chung Ling High School Butterworth or Chung Ling Independent, we will always be Chung Ling student, we are from the same Chung Ling. We shared the same anthem, the same school name, the same logo, the same motto, the same principle. Here, I would like to pay my condolence to those victims and thank them for all the effort and proud they had done for our school.


This is a photo I took from Senior En Theng’s blog:


As what had been said in the photo, Chung Ling teachers, students and alumni have the same grief over this incident, even we were all in different places over the world. I can only say, Rest In Peace! Towards the families of the victims, I wish them early recovery from this incidence and stand back up again.

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