Sunday, January 17, 2010

Confession of An ‘Honorary’ Captain – A Transition Year for SE7ENS

Ridiculous things always happen around me, and I started to suspect that is because I am there. Compared to other halls, choosing captains with years of experience – In fact, most of them played Softball for most of their lives, Softball history could be decades in their lives, me, however, is a newcomer in Softball. I only know there’s a sport called Softball because they played in Secondary school – but that time, I am not even a sports person – only attending volleyball. And when I entered Softball during my first year – that was all because I think softball might be as cool as baseball – not even be aware of us being a defending champion team. As noob as I can be, I learned everything from scratch. And one year passed, everyone left, no one is there to bring the team up again. I have no idea why I did that – I took up the position. Maybe, it’s in the hope I can finally play in the field – or maybe is just wishing to stay longer in a team that taught me about Softball.

People will always ask if we can still win. I will smile – but inside, I will be laughing sarcastically, “ Come On, do you think we can win with a whole new team with no softball background?”. To start with, our team, as a 2 year winning team, was not even well treated. First, I have to start with our equipments. Our gloves were barely enough to cover every member’s hand. Some of the members have to share gloves and the gloves’ condition are really not good. Some of them had a big hole right at the palm area – which tells you What’s the use of wearing it when the ball is going to hit your hand anyway? This came to use when some of my members can receive the ball with bare hand – and that’s actually not quite safe. Then, we were given bats that has rough handle – the grip was so torn that you get blister with no more than 50 swings. However, thanks to the year before, we at least had some beatable bats. Another thing came when we opened out Softball Bag that contains out softballs. That was the most ridiculous equipment the hall had ever come down with. The balls are all torn in some of the stitches. We went on with them since we only can afford some of the balls and we don’t care but to train hard. But, right after 2 trainings, we ended up with something much more ridiculous. Our Softballs became something like this:

DSCF4172 DSCF4173 DSCF4174 DSCF4175

The good thing is, we get to learn the full anatomy of a Softball. Bad thing is – we were to continue training with all these funny-looking objects, and treat them as preciously as our real softball. For some normal team, these were your softballs. But for my team, these ARE my softballs. After IHG, I can now put out all this discouraging photos… Additionally, these are only some of the balls – and there are whole big bag of it.

We used up most of the money we were given to buy balls. Uncle recommended a ball that is not that real a real leather softball but is tough enough to last longer. I bought some, wishing that will last till next year – but turned out after trainings – they ended up around the same… sigh…

Anyway, the team came to nearly an end when we have team member crisis. Girls were near extinct in the team and throughout the trainings, I can see only guys. That is big deal because I can’t form a team without girls! Thankfully I don’t know get my guts from where and started to ask around. It is quite embarrassing when you are asking so desperately all around the hall. E-mail blasted as well but I ended up with a bunch of girls’ names instead of girls. They put their names but due to different workload, they chose not to come for training. It is quite upset at first when I myself know that my workload is definitely more than them. This year’s freshies were not as strong as before, that’s the excuse I gave myself. But I do feel very proud of some of them. They might not came for training, but I can at least ensure them well-trained and consistently keeping themselves fit for sports by joining other sports. They ended up catching the game better. However, I am blessed with a whole bunch of very very committed and talented guys’ team and a very dedicated Vice-captain. As newcomers in Softball, they catch up so fast that by the time we had our fourth to fifth training, their standard will tell you they are not new at all! I am particularly grateful to be given such a blessing.

Oh yea, about coach. The coach was unluckily a bit busy at the moment. Hence, I guess, a lot of things started quite late. But, the coach existence did made some difference. It gave confidence to the team, gave life to the team. Without all the teachings, we might be still back as a newcomers… I am very happy we had a coach that is so willing to come down despite all those heavy academics and CCAs workload.

And everything passed by and IHG was yesterday. We had tight matches and undoubtedly, we lose. It was inside my expectation – but our group performance is just out of my expectation. I am, again, not in the field. After I counted – time I spent in the field for 2 years, can’t even last a whole match – haha! But, I won’t be discouraged by that – that makes me considering rejoining next year – until I get to play… although it might never happen. I still remember how I warmed the bench for 2 and a half years before I can really go down to play volleyball match fully. I guess, as a person who was not born for sports, this, sometimes, is something you have to experience. This IHG, we lose the points, but I am sure our members – including me – won our passion back, won our team spirit back. This year, as I said, will be our team’s transition year. Like in all the dynasty, after some glorious years – talents left, and one of the year, that country will just need to strive through the low tide, collecting resources, building the foundation. After that, only, we can slowly build back the team – find back our glory. That’s why our hall motto is Seek, Serve and Strive. At low tide, we seek our chances, potentials; we serve the team well – no matter what we will get in the end; we strive through the hard times together. These processes, I believe, will be the basic of a very strong team coming in coming years…

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I didn't know you sat on the bench for 2 years already! Next year confirm can play!!

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