Saturday, January 23, 2010

Home: A Messy Table

Stuck in library when my Adobe is updating – can’t read the notes for some time, so I take my time by blogging what’s left in vacation. This is a view to share…

I went back home to find find myself a proper place to put my laptop when I am not going to use the Internet access and was so shocked to see my table is in condition:


Compared to old house, our room shrank due to the house design – giving some space outside for our study. And our study table shrank from its size to half its size, like this. And I took the left side because I always put my things over the shelf and this is what I got now. Pleasure went back home almost twice a month and he’s piling all his books on my table, while, this is what happened to his:


Clean as new! He cleared his own table and pushed all his books to mine, assuming I am not going back to use the table, hmph! Anyway, I did use tables, but since my table is really not suitable, I used his instead. But I asked Papa to cleaned mine before I go back for Chinese New Year because I am using my Recess Week to celebrate Chinese New Year – meaning there will be exams and tests around!

What’s more, Pleasure was putting all his college stuff on my side as well! See those plastic bags? They were his – with loads of biscuits, cookies, slacks, shirts and some batteries… Ahh!!!



Michelle aka Michèle said...


Ton frère est sûrement très drôle, il a utilisé ta table comme un bookshelf hehe

Le nom de son frère est Pleasure? Ou c'est un nickname? C'est intéressant! haha

Mafer said...

Il est son nickname... haha... comme Mafer est mon nickname aussi...

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