Thursday, January 21, 2010

Home: Visit to a Tea House

This is about my vacation. After weeks working hard and stayed obediently in hall, I finally get to bring my luggage back, stepping on the plane. The last day of being in hall was not very pleasant as I have to monitor all the activities plus working myself. Hence, I ended up packing simply by throwing anything I can remember into the bag. One of the trip after back home was the visit to Winter’s Warmer. I went there was not because it was cold during the winter – but one of our sets was quite related to something inside. It was the Victorian style that caused me to entered it (partly was because of food too la)… So these are the observations:

Flowery Wallpapers with long stretch waist-height wooden panel across with another wallpaper patterns.


Curtains that matches the wallpaper – with flowery patterns too! Lamps attached to the side of the wall that looks Victorian too. Besides, they decorated it with suitable fans too!


There were cabinets where they displayed tea cups and saucers…


The other thing was the teacups and teapots. For reference, I took photos of some of them.


There are different shelves around with decorations too!


More photos here.

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