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NVN Retreat – OBS in Ubin

Happy New Year to everyone and I can’t believe I am still writing things happened before 2010. Yes, I am so busy until my room is ‘furnished’ with thick dust and things everywhere – I wouldn’t deny if anyone commented the communal hall is even more like my own room. Finally, I can took some time to sit properly in my room next to my laptop (surrounded by rubbish) and continue writing the chapters in Stories From A Weird Wizard. This time, I am writing what filled my first part of Vacation: NVN Retreat!


Instead of offering us some nice comfy meals as retreat, OSA decided to give us something special by offering a place in OBS course in Ubin ( That’s so ‘nice’ of them). Anyway, we started off taking bus from school and meet at the pier at Punggol. We thought we were going as the same course as the NUSSU exco – but lucky for us, that was just a blur mistake and all of us were relieved!

After a short session of briefing and some mini-games, we put all our valuables and things on the safety boat and headed to the sea by swimming to our boat and start rowing. That was before I knew the advantages of packing so many things in my bag ( I have almost the biggest bag of them all, haha!). Jumping on the boat is a bit of challenge for a heavy people like me, and needed Jian Xiong and Kenneth to pull me up from the water was really a funny story. Anyway, it was halfway through the sea when we realized we were on boats named Stingray, as you can see, mine is Stingray VII. Hence, there is a shout ‘We are sitting on a STINGRAY!’. Anyway, we were struggling to row the boat as the lunch is over the other side and the wind was going against us. Despite all that, the desperation drove us rowing by shouting from “One, Two, Row” to “Huan Zhu Rou” meaning potatoes and meat – I guess we were hungry. We rowed quite fast and reached there early. At that time, NVAC people were still mostly sticking with NVAC people – I guess it was those days that bonded all the different committees together.

When we reached there we were given time to check into our room with double deckers. Guys were destined to be the security guard, so they took all the beds near the door while girls took the one more inside. I was honoured to have the top part of the decks! Haha, wow, haven’t been there since High school. Anyway, I was given that empty bed because that was the bed no one wanted. It was the nearest to the window, so, generally, my bed was the insect filter for the rest of the room.


Ironically, I was not bitten by any insects that night while the others were… I guess, sometimes things just can’t be explained by rationale.

After that, we were to have our lunch and have some lessons indoors. Later, we had some activities here and there that came in the form of games. We can’t take photos for the activities as the valuables were with the trainer most of the time. At night, we went into forest and were blindfolded to enter a tunnel area to play the tunnel puzzle. It was a mini-imitation of tunnels – hence, it was clean and smaller. However, that means I have to squeezed through those bumps in the tunnel and avoid getting stuck in any of them. Anyway, we had supper and slept that night to wake up freshly at 7 – a super deal to wake up so late in a camp, right? Anyway, our course type was corporate type – I think that was the reason why we were still enjoying our lives there, haha! At night, we had our own time camwhoring – and here are some of them:

NVAC people:

The next day, we had some normal activities and had high elements. I didn’t manage to get to the top most of the tower because I can’t cling on the last challenge, sad. But thanks for Johnson for all the encouragement and help he gave when he was in the mid-air too. We were told the history of OBS and then received our certificate from some random members. OSA officer came and gave a few wards and after that, of course, was the time for photos!

Photo with the trainer:


Jumpshots for NVAC.


Steal the travelling time from Ubin back to mainland to get ourselves some too!


     Definitely a bonding session between committees and also within! Yes, the thing was, when I reach hall, my key was outside hall. I was only in my room after night came… :P

Others photos taken by me.

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