Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Outing with Elaine

This happened during vacation, before I went back home. It was not easy – to find time out. That night, there was a Hall Master’s Christmas Dinner – BUT I was not informed because I was not in the hall leader’s list? (Ahh, nevermind, people just don’t usually remember someone named Mafer as their hall leader) Anyway, since I have no dinner – and I finally can steal an hour or two out from school to meet Elaine who was working as an intern/attachment somewhere on this lonely island. I called her up and decided to meet at near Raffles City for dinner.

It was really one in a million hours I had this opportunity since vacation  start. Last year, I thought, I was busy enough. But this year told me, being a member is always not as busy as the in-charge. Despite planning and arrangements, my time was eaten up by Set Décor. I had no idea I have to skip so many swim and volleyball trainings just because of softball and set décor until it really happened. Last year, I managed to attend most of the trainings while I OT till deep to the night – this year, I can’t attend trainings but still OT till midnight. And worst of all, was when I don’t even need to count hours for subsidy at all, hmph. Anyway, back to the story. Yes, finally going out – of course must eat!!!

We packed some snack from British Take Away:


Then we headed to find a shop for main course! Since the food were quite expensive and crowded – we finally chose a very small pizzeria. I ordered a pizza while Elaine preferred no pizza (guess she’s not very fond of it). Anyway, Elaine enjoyed pouring cheese on my pizza. And we ordered Cheese Wedges. That’s the first Cheese Wedge I saw in Singapore!


After some stroll, I brought Elaine to the ‘pie’ shop I noticed last time. This time, it was still open.It was not actually pie but fruitcakes – big fruit cakes!!! Yeah, I ordered a fruit ones and Elaine ordered one with chocolate. I enjoyed the cream – yummy!!!


I shall say that I ate my tummy full that night – a very very good de-stress during that period of time!!!

Photos here.

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