Saturday, February 06, 2010

2010: New Year Countdown

Next week, Chinese New Year will be what I am waiting for. And it is a shock to me when I realized that I haven’t post up about my 2010 New Year Day. These photos are from New Year Eve when me, Papa and Mummy went to Sze Chuan Restaurant to challenge our taste buds.


Click the image for the original size of photo. A simple description from the 1st photo: A hot plate with brinjals – very very very tasty brinjals (brinjals are eggplants, in case you don’t know), mutton with loads of onions – the mutton is really fine cooked, I mean, it’s chewable and the onions blends the smell of spices, forming a very very tasty dish, I think is chicken (if not wrong) – not spicy, but came in a special wok like one showed in 4th photo, the most challenging dish for me – the fish (eel, i guess) with dried chilli. In case you can’t see properly, the ratio of fish to chilli is almost 1:1.5. And although the fish are only fried, the chilli’s spiciness somehow simmered into the meat and causes your tongue to catch fire when you start biting into the fish. The last one is some beans – a vege that I enjoyed eating so much. It is a kind of long bean cooked with seaweed and chai bo. The dish is not spicy at all and I managed to finish that one without hesitation. =D

Later, we went off to squeeze among the people. I hate squeezing in crowd, but yea, I am still there. When it strikes midnight, the sky was bombarded with money – whoops! I mean, fireworks that worth a lot of money.


Yes. And we had some time waiting the traffic queue after that, COOL!

Photo album here.

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