Friday, March 26, 2010

Cotton Bloom in King Edward VII Hall

In fact, it should not be a blooming season now for that Cotton Tree as cottons were blooming like pop corns now! This tree has been situates at the same location (can they move?) in King Edward VII Hall, near to PGP Terminal all the time and since it was hidden within the bushes, no one actually realized it and now – it is showing itself!!! Recently, while I was walking up the staircases, I realized the ground was filled with cotton-like materials. I thought someone threw debris out of their window or what – but after I traced, it was from this very tree:


Looking up, I can still see the seedlings which is quite obvious under the not-so-shady tree.


Today, we went to have a closer look of the tree and the cotton on the ground increased. Christina picked one of the cotton and we found this seed inside. Wow! And the cotton is really really soft.


If you want to know how much cotton is it that time, it’s like that:


But when you looked at the whole tree, there were still loads of seed that has not ‘explode’, so – do take a notice since the Cotton Fever will continue for a period of time. We actually thought, if our hall is keeping all the cotton we produced and process it, maybe we can start raising fund by having our own production line (haha, that’s just an idea)!


For original photo download, click here.

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