Friday, March 19, 2010

Labrador Field Trip

Went to Labrador Rocky Shore for my LSM 2251 field trip that day and here it is!!!


Information will be inside my lab report but yea, I have some photos to share, such as this crab – which is poisonous to eat… and Sea Grapes, something that fascinates me…


Looking at the first picture, when we threw out quadrat, the first impression I had was, “Something that looks dead like this – What living creature will be there?” Because the first sight into it, will be water with soils and rocks – nothing else. Until we later dig here and there, just to dig out loads of creatures. We even get fishes, one of the groups got polker dot nudibranch – which is what I think the cutest creature I had ever seen on the shore (since the others were not as nicely coloured as that), I got quite some crabs by jumping up and down just to chase the crabs – hairy and some egg crabs, and also a crab that is smaller then 10 cent. Besides, we were sick of the hermit crabs, because they were simply too many! Besides, I found a sea cucumber that squirts water when we poke it – COOL! It keeps squirts water when I keep poking it until it turns from a big fat lump into a skinny, soft membrane (I think I forced it to squeeze all the water out dy… sorry…). But anyway, it is quite scary when I turn over the rock with difficulty and something just ooze out. I thought it was something else – scare scare! Then yea, it looks muddy and We were wondering if it was a creature after all… Other than that, I got to see real live octopus!!! They look so semi-transparent (tentacles is seen only). I try to catch it out – or lure it out – but failed – looks like we need some training… Those from our group who were working in another area caught butterfly fish, which looks very beautiful and a lot of rather big fish (trapped in the intertidal, i guess). My group got some worms and it’s wriggling quite wriggly (duh!)…

That day, I came back and had lunch (Thanks Reuben for inviting me when I am real starving) but missed FHD – but SOMEONE MANAGED TO PACK SOME OF THE FOOD FOR ME <3!!!


Since I can’t eat an overdose of prawn (it will risk!) – I gave it to Zhuangli when she says she’s hungry. But I finished the dessert – which is a real juicy mixture of mango, pamelo and strawberry – in a few gulps, SLURP!!!

Thanks, Priscillia and Christina!!! <3

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