Friday, March 19, 2010

Mandai Mangrove: Into The Mud


This was my real first time to step into the mud! Always passed by a mangrove (beside the road) near Permatang Pauh but never actually step off the car and went inside. This time, I followed Xiuling into Mandai Mangrove which is at the North, near Johor. The mangrove is quite open as there were few trees (later knew in LSM 2251 that the trees died off). From the mangrove, I can see the river and Johor!

So, first thing to do, is to get yourself a water boots! Then, put your feet in!!!


The mud is really muddy – hmph, what am I doing? Yes, at first it was still okay since the area near land will be quite solid. But then, things started to get muddy, soft and sinking…

At the same time, I helped a bit here and there while Xiuling put the transect and started to measure the pneumatophores – err… at least that was what I thought at first. Only then, I found out it’s the new shoots, for conservation, I guess… There were different trees actually, and we can differentiate according to their appearance and shoots!


Xiuling’s quadrant was sadly becoming my tongkat as I have difficulty in moving. I have no idea why, but I seems to sink more than her. Besides, I was trapped around twice (or more), inside the mud and can’t plug out my leg! There’s this period of time where it is a bit drizzling and I am sinking every inch every second and I can’t pull out my leg. Then I try to make hollow holes to let my leg out but I found several worms or worm-like stuff crawling all over (I am wishing hard that they won’t come up my pants, that time!).

DSCF5088 DSCF5089

You can see how high up the mud get… And I lost my boot! I have to dig it out of the mud and I guess it’s because the boots doesn’t fit too much. Oh yea! I saw mudskippers trail!!! The leg prints and the tail!!! And I saw bird’s print too!!! Erm, and also some crustaceans that looks like a crab under the web of tree roots!


After that, as you see, me and Xiuling were covered with mud. I got a speck on my nose (which is Xiuling’s joke now). We went on car and straight back to her house (Thanks, Xiuling!) to wash up. I really appreciate it!!!


Another photos when Xiuling at work!



smile said...

Wah so exciting! Hahaha (:

Mafer said...

Haha... quite... :P

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