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Vacation Story: Malacca

Wow… finally have some spare time for my blog and I think I should set myself at least a monthly update for the blog if not it will just looks like a die out blog. Anyway, just to put in my trip to Malacca during last vacation because I took some nice photos!

Basically, we went there for cousin’s wedding (when they actually stay in Penang). And I get to try a lot of local food there such as this carrot cake (Chao Tao Kueh), Pok Zai Gou Zui Kueh in Singapore), Lor Mee (that lacks the Penang Lor Mee taste), something that looks like lobak and TomYam.


After the morning Lim Teh Ceremony, we went to a nearby shop for Chicken Rice Ball. This is not the original stall, but it is round, all right. The rice felt like squashed into shape and felt very thick. Of course, you won’t eat rice balls alone, you eat them with some other dishes. But my another cousin managed to swallow balls of rice when I can only finish one by biting it (still lack practice).


And at night, it will be the feast. The wedding dinner there is a bit different from ours. The service is definitely not as good, but the dishes were pretty different (or weird). They have usual dish served in different style. For example, there’s one dish which is roast piglets. Oh my, I don’t even dare to touch it. Piglets are so cute and there they are, in front of you, roasted red! And the desert, which I longed for, appears to be coned ice-creams, I nearly dropped my jaw for that. But anyway, I took some photos in which some, as you can see, spotted by my cousins’ sons and daughters. Wow, they were supposed to call me Auntie but instead, they call me Jie Jie, :P. As a matter of fact, most of the relative were not staying in Malacca. So it is sort of the day before or that day itself, all of us arrive one by one from somewhere else and stayed in an empty house for this event. And guess what, the house Auntie is so nice that she even prepared mattresses, water, needs etc. It’s very kind of her, really!


The other night, we had a dinner outside. This is my Aunt’s recommendation and at first I was looking at my Mum signalling “Really bo… their food so far is only okay nia lo!”. Ha! But after that meal, I officially loved it!!! It is a Nyonya restaurant and we had some dishes.


Fried fish with Chilli + Belacan: Nice! Nice! Nice! Can’t wait to finish the whole but can’t because it’s rude to finish a dish all by yourself when you are eating with a lot of people (Sob!). The fish is caught by my Aunt’s friend and brought over to be cooked. So, it’s fresh and with nice spices.

Kangkung Belacan: Really Really Addictive! I missed the way it is cooked with the chilli. Seriously, I should have learn how to make the chilli combination!!!


Otak-otak: It’s obviously not like Penang otak-otak. It’s delicious, but somehow, I still prefer Penang or Muar ones.

Squid with Buah Petai: If you are thinking of bad gas after eating – then, you will not when you are facing it. It is another kind of spices here.


Chicken: Another surprise here. I thought it was just a normal curry chicken, but it’s plainly not!

Tofu: I think is one of the rare non-spicy dish. Somehow, the chef manage to simmer the taste of the sauce into the tofu, miraculous!


Chinchaluk with egg: The simplest and easiest to learn dish. But it’s simply just delicious and appetizing. With chincaluk, the taste is just booming your taste buds!

Dessert – Cendol: Hmm… this is a really reALLY REALLY SWEET dessert. Using Gula Melaka, the sweetness is really reaching its max and I actually have to wait all the ice to melt before eating…

And on our way back, we passed by several houses (said to be Portugueses’) decorated with fancy lights for Christmas. They were really nice and you can see reindeers, Father Christmases… etc just from the lights!


Aiya… once a while coming South to Melaka, must walk around, right? Yes, we went to visit the ‘door’! Lucky for us that most of the tourist attractions were concentrated at one place. Only the Portuguese Village is somewhere we passed by. And there were offices there now:


And these were ancient cars. One was Tunku Abdul Rahman’s car(BE 52) and another were cars used in history… And there is this trishaw that is over-decorated!


And after ten years, I return and took a same photo at the same spot (I forgot to scan the old one, :D). This is the ‘door’ that Papa claimed to be ‘nothing to see’:


The bricks were really not something pleasant to stand or walk whole day, given that you are people from this era.


After climbing up to the Church on the hill, took Papa and Mummy’s photo. Hehe… they have to stop for some time to finish the staircase.


There were this bell tower and tombs stones and walls. Someone was performing inside to get some money while several were just like us, to come and see the place. I am quite amazed by the details done on stones – real nice! From the hill, we got to see the fake Big Ship that is at the river.


Then we went down to see an old house (it’s actually a tourist attraction, but I forgot the name – Is it the Red House Museum?) that is converted into a museum. Just 5 Ringgit and I was in! Quite a lot of stuff to see include ships, artefacts and several coins, documents…etc. There is even a section for Zhengho, but it’s rather small…


Then we strolled to the Red House area… There were clock towers, fountains and a lot of stalls. Got myself a cap there, which Papa says look like Chinese army (well… what can I say?).

DSCF5024 DSCF5028

Oh, and this is a very interesting thing. I took this photo inside the church just seconds before I saw ‘No Photo Taking’ on a sign, which is not visible for me when I enter. But since I snapped the photo, so, just appreciate the sudden period of time where I didn’t see the sign. It’s very peaceful inside, with a more traditional benches and all – which is quite different if compared to the churches today (I shall not comment more on that here… :/).


Just because we missed the Istana, Mummy let me took a trishaw back with Papa on one and me and Mummy on another one! On the way, I saw this white building. Papa said, it was Standard Chartered Bank last time – and I thought it looks as white as Gringotts :D


And here we reached the Istana!!! The Building build without nails! But there were screws and nails now, because there were fans and air condition inside (How are you going to mount those things without screw or nails huh?). Anyway, the entrance fee is like 2 Ringgit and the building is very quiet and nice. The floor feel so clean that I nearly decide to just lie on it and have a nap, oh!


Shocked from the ‘No Photo Taking’ incident in the church previously, I don’t dare to take any photos, until I see this. Uh huh, this is quite funny to see labelled people, but that is for educational purposes, trust me. Then I got to see different costumes in different states. I realized the Peranakan in Penang is quite weird when the male will wear a normal sarung and long pants, but coat as top – such a style!


Anyway, the most interesting tale to Malacca was the theft case after my cousin’s wedding dinner. They came back from the dinner to find out their house in a mess and laptops gone with other cash. I nearly put my laptop at their house and I really feel blessed when I didn’t did it and it’s still safe with me now… Anyway, the new couple spent their first night and first day-after-wedding doing police reports and buying back phones and laptops… And that night there were 5 similar cases whereby the family had wedding event too, coincident huh?

Other photo here.

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