Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Greenish and Brownish Posts

This is a posts to link towards two of my work: blog posts written for LSM 2251 Ecology and Environment module. It is supposed to be interaction found between organisms around us, but due to my inexperience, mine were not very concrete but they ARE from around me! So, to precious my own work, let’s leave a link here for record purposes.

1)  Hot Weather? Plants Feel It Too!: This is a post about a ‘legendary’ tree Christina, Chun Keat, Priscillia and me found on a very greyish and windy day after LSM 2101 lecture. We thought it looked like winter. But there are more to be discovered!

2) Microhabitat and Relationships: Mushrooms: This posts depicts about a mushroom I saw and observed for days – everyday after school.

Thank you. Had a toothache at the moment, going to seek help, See ya!

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