Saturday, April 10, 2010

When One Year is not as Another = 一年不如一年?

Second semester final exam is coming soon, indicating summer vacation is arriving soon as well. Then, there is the period everyone will busy finding place to squeeze their stuff in to save some money. This year, due to certain commitment, I think I can’t fully commit to holiday comm except helping whenever I can. I can’t stay up night and work till 3 or 4 am and walk to lab a few hours later and operate like a perfect lab technician for office hour and come back after that to start my night shift for float – at least, I know I can’t do that for all days for months. I can’t skip running gel and join in the fun they used to have in KEWOC where I used to handle videos last year. So, I have to find some alternative to avoid paying full fee – since I am actually doing lab work for free. Then here comes the chaos. It’s real difficult to find people to allow your things in. But when I look back – it’s none other than a joke from timeline – a joke human liked to play.

Looking back one year ago, my room housed 7 to 8 people’s things, a shelf and 3 people staying in it. (Thanks Steph that reminds me about that, hence, finding back the post). But this year, my things can’t even find a place to squeeze in – out of so many people’s room. So, the maths is a bit complicated here. Something like:

a + b + c + d + e + f + g + h + x< z;

given that: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h = other's stuff,

x = my stuff,

z = room size;


(x + a = x + b = x + c = x + d = x + e = x + f = x + g = x + h) > z

Weird math, huh?

But yeah, either the growth rate of the variables are different or there are something can’t be explained by  Axiom of Equality. Hence, this will explain why I can’t get  1 + 1 = 2 correct when I was young. But anyway, I did asked around again, and hopefully will get answers soon. If things come worse, then I guess I have to figure out how to make the main lounge door stay open…


Zhuangli said...

hmm. the main lounge door can be left open cos it is already spoiled. but im not suggesting that you can do that. since you are going to stay, it is not about your stuff in people's room. i think you should get a place for yourself first. unless you don't mind travelling from somewhere else to school everyday.

Mafer said...

oh... I asked Christina. She say most probably can share - but things will be a bit difficult. but she can't confirm yet. So, the most I can do now is wait lo... if last minute cannot... then i have to stay main lounge or ask the prof whether the lab got small rooms o not... i can bcome security guard or sth...

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