Thursday, May 27, 2010

Altador Cup V has now started!

For Neopets player, this is the season of the year yet again. People, the annually happening season of Altador Cup is back and this year is the fifth year on the go. Sign up had started days ago and you still can sign up now!


This year, they changed the layout again for this wonderful event and guess what, the team profiles were filed onto the page like this and this reminds me of the KEWOC website I did for the profile – MAPS!


Yes, maps. And all you have to do is click on each team’s logo and the profile will pop up. I had been joining Krawk Island for past 2 years and I can say no more but proud to be a Krawk Island supporter. This year, an accidental click landed me on Moltara, a new team that surface this year and was not being looked upon with any good expectation. I was so sad when I knew that it is impossible to change my team. Hence, I have to continue with Moltara. Moltara had all losses yesterday, the first day of the tournament and I guess all I can do it to stay put to support the team, no matter how bad the result is…

Moltara Team Profile:

 AC5iii Krawk Island Team Profile:


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