Friday, May 07, 2010

End of 2nd Year in Hogwarts

So, it’s been quite a while since I update you all with the current stuff. My second year ended like THAT – yes, like THAT. And because they are going to repaint the building I am in now, I have to move to East Wing. Generally, for both the years, I had been shifting my room alone – but this year, it is quite terrible because it is not moving a few rooms across – it’s the opposite side of the whole Hall! I managed to make use of the mini-trolley I get when I bought my super-size printer and drag my things over but although the path looks straight – there were steps everywhere. The long common corridor that I supposed to be the easiest became my biggest problem. And the other thing is, the boxes I get were filled so heavily that if you had been witnessing the moving of room, you will see me carrying them like weigh-lifter. Why? Because the weight is so over that I have to squat down, prepare, get ready – then 1, 2, 3 HEIK, I lift it up on my knee level, supporting it with knee – 1, 2, 3 HEIK, I lifted it up to waist level and HEIK again I carried it! Wahla! Anyway, yes, I should mention my unknown pain under my sole of feet, yea, feels like cramp but doesn’t feel like either – but I had been jerking my way for days – hopefully it will end soon. But now, my body ache overcomed this as I think I bent down too much during the transporting of objects that my back ache and my muscles ache. In the process, I proudly announced that the path from my current room to that vacation room – I had sat on it, I had lie down on it, not mentioning the contact of sweaty skin on the not-really-clean surface. Especially those near staircases, I was using my weight to drag the things up the stairs and the impact was bigger than I thought and I was thrown backwards, looks funny but quite fun – except u get butt ache for that :D! And of course, for sensitive skin people like me, must bathe clean clean after that or you will get the consequences! Now, only left certain stuff still in my room and bunches of things to throw out. Tomorrow will be my day leaving to go home :P!!! Pleasure actually suggested us to bake cake or pudding for fun back home and I find that interesting (still remember my how my pudding plan ended up :o)… Although not enough time to bake it for Mother’s Day – I think she won’t want us to mess in the kitchen that day as well… haha! Anyway, did I plan anything for that day? Yes, food! Since everyone is back home, Papa will have to bring us out for nice meals!!! No present for Mummy? A card maybe. See, the things is, even if I buy something – it will be economically indirectly from my parents – such funny circulation. I used to take my Mum’s pen, wrap it and give it back to her on her birthday – funny right? So, I will try to make a hand-made card then… OK… shall pause here and continue moving the stuff…

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