Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is This Relativity?

I remembered that after I decided my path in achieving my dream as a wise scientist that will bring peace and happiness to the world, I tried to keep a book with me in which I note down any question that I question the nature. Apparently, after 10 years, the book had gone disappeared and now, I mostly kept those question in my mind. But today, I would like to share one of my question that I found few days ago, during Thomas Cup finals.

It is something that I think is a relativity-subject theory.

After each ‘attack’, the programme will state out the speed of shuttlecock across the court and this is when I realized something. For example, in the real situation, the shuttlecock travel from A to B with the speed of 275 km/h using x seconds. In actual, the distance A to B is a few metres but on my screen it is a few centimetres. But object y manage to travel with the same speed and same time to reach two different length of distance. But when we look back towards momentum, how can we measure the object? Object y in actual can be measured but the object y on the screen – can we calculate it using the quantum energy? Or is there something that we had forgotten that actually links this ‘relativity’?

Maybe is an easy question but my Dad says it can be categorized as relativity be cause we look from different perspective. But I am still finding the answer :) Maybe I should start noting them down in a new notebook since the old one is gone…

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