Sunday, May 09, 2010

Tradition of Announcing the End

Yes, how can I forgot about reporting the end officially? The end of The End is the End of the end but is the beginning of the end as well. So, this is the sign I will put up to show how I ended the academic semester and start my vacation:


I can’t believe my test dates and deadlines were more than previous few semesters. It was a crazy semester and I am grateful that I pulled through it and learned something precious as well. These are the reviews of the modules:

LSM 2101: Personally, it’s an interesting subject but a tough one for me. My mind is more hard wired for Cell Bio type of work although I like the way enzymes work. In Metabolism and Regulations, what I lack was the frequent input of details which causes me to trip during the exam. The paper is pretty tough as they asked more on details. However, it’s pretty cool to learn all the regulations – it is like a lesson for life – the balance between everything to obtain the optimum effect – you can’t concentrate too much on something.

LSM 2102 Metabolism and Regulations: Well, the lessons were the best as we get to meet Uncle, Auntie and Mr YinYang for our lecturers. The class is livelier but our energy level is sort of diminished after the long day and some of the notes were quite compact. 24 slides can mean a lot of things. Content wise, nothing to complain.

LSM 2251 Ecology and Environment: An interesting module. Add in loads of colours and life to my 2nd year. After this module, I realized I can spot things in a big patch of green, and that’s quite rare for me. Trees were always trees for me, but this module reshaped my perception. Indeed, I like green stuff and did felt of going to pursue a deeper understanding on it, but just like Arts – I prefer them to remain as my interest than my career, something i can put my heart in, enjoy in and don’t need to care if it can feed me. So, this module provided me one semester of joy with trips. These trips were tiring and sometimes, illness-welcoming (still remember walking in rain in Ubin just when I have slight fever and ended up having real fever after that) but yes, they are cool!

LAF 3203 French for Academic Purposes (FAP): This is the last module under LPP. Although I can have no chance to go for France for exchange, but I decided to stay on till the end. This module is way too nice. From all the indulgence in this new language for past 3 modules, this one bring us into a deeper layer of the culture. We concentrate so much on culture that we rarely touch the textbooks except grammar time. We get to interact more in french, discuss and present in that beautiful language. Even now, classmates usually know each other out of class and we conversed in that elegant tongue – not as fluent as French, but we managed to pass on the message and learn more in within. The passion and love for this language simply stunned me. I never thought I will sink so much in a language especially when the first 2 extra language I intended to learn were actually Japanese and Korean and they were for odd reasons (one is to understand my tamagochi manual and another one is to read the Kam Sa Ham Ni Da book on my Mom’s shelf). So, how did I set my self in French? I think they are just so similar to my home country, I guess.

SSA 2221 Popular Culture in Singapore: I always thought Singapore studies module will be a pain for a totally-no-singapore-background people like me, but that’s partially wrong. It was a pain when I started the module as I need to catch up with everything – from a person who don’t even care how Singapore looked like, I have to learn the Geography, the people, the news, the politics, the culture, the usual and worst of all – the history. Because, popular culture is something that involved everything and to understand them fully – I have no choice but to input as many linked information into myself. However, I am so glad the lecturers were always that kind and nice. The workload did seemed to be a bit crazy with tonnes of essays which deadlines were always Friday morning (when I preferred to finish on weekends and pass up on Mondays). But after the classes, I felt so satisfied to know one more country’s culture and that’s where I am studying now. No just that, we get crazy things happening in class, such as concerts and mix and match as our exam. So, this is kind of a difficult yet enjoyable module for me, albeit what I will get for result… :)

So, this is my this semester. I can’t share all the things I learn in them because they were concentrated in my brain rather than to be expressed :D

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