Thursday, June 17, 2010

In Tempo: My First Official Visit

Had been arranging, uploading, filing all the photos I had and found out I had missed quite a lot of stories to be told since don’t know when. Since, I still have a couple of time, why not let me write down what I remembered at the first place?

This is a memory of my first ever official visit to Victoria Concert Hall and my first ever visit to a symphony in Singapore. The buildings are very nice and there is this quote from the wall, woaow!


I went to this concert because my friend is performing. We took this photo after the concert. Besides that, I had other friends inside the group as well. This photo under here, it’s a photo of 3 person who took French together since Year 1, nostalgic!


And also the concert hall is really a concert hall! What I meant was not only the structure and design, but the environment, the smell the spirit – it’s so musical. That day was a tiring day, but yet I enjoyed the time there…


More photos about In Tempo 2010.

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