Monday, July 26, 2010

Despicable Me: Motivation to EVIL


This the movie I watched yesterday, in 3D. Why I chose to watch it in 3D? I asked around, and conclude that I shall try it in 3D to see how the companies are using the 3D feature to get in contact with the audiences. However, this movie is a total animation that will earn some space in my memory inside my little brain – so, I guess it’s considered good!

Seriously, I do like the starting where Gru is the mean person – but I guess I like mean person most of the time, so…. The storyline is quite good with humour and loads of touching moments – did I cried? The characters were very nicely created in terms of personality and also their appearance, kudos for that. Other than Gru, I like the three little girls and also the minions. The three little girls are so cute and they are bringing the storyline along, developing the story. The funnier would be the little yellow creature – minion. Funny that ‘minion’ actually resembles ‘mignion’ in French that means ‘cute’. I think this is why they are given that name. They are not really cute – but funny, yes. Another thing is that Gru did speak with an accent – pseudo-Eastern European accent (according to some other sites). The story is actually very simple. It’s about a villain who plans to steal the moon because his status as ‘respectful’ villain is endangered by another villain Vector who steals the pyramid and made a big chaos around the world. Both villains were competing against each other to get the shrink ray and in between there were too many funny moments that I wouldn’t have time to list all them down. The most remarkable thing about Vector is that his real name was actually Victor and he described his new name Vector as ‘comes in crimes in both directions with magnitude’ (I personally like this one!). Besides, there’s this Bank of Evil with the tag ‘Formerly Lehman Brothers’ underneath. That’s quite out of the blue, I would say, haha! The bank boss even has a hairstyle that mimics Devil – cool!

Other than all the jokes and humour, I think, this will be the movie which diluted my no-pink-for-me attitude. The three girls are really girly girls but they are not irritating – in fact, they are so nice and cute and whoah! This three girls came at first being used by Gru to get the shrink ray machine back from Vector. But after days with the girls – willingly or not, Gru started to find something inside his heart. The storyline went on to touching story and ended up with everyone happily dancing and even Gru was dancing. It’s quite a ‘disaster’ or funny, because Gru’s body shape did made the dance looked funny.

At the end, that will be the credits. There were some short animation whereby the minions will try to reach out to the audience in their funny way. That’s awesome and I would like to say that’s the way to make full use of 3D – shall hope for more such thing in future :)


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Of course! Can't you see the EVIL-ness through the title?

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