Friday, July 30, 2010

End of One ‘Attachment’

Yesterday had been an emotional day for me – which is very unusual for a usually-emotionless person like me (that’s a shame of me for showing so many emotion, urgh!). Yeah, after some chat with my new friend from the lab which I was gaining experience, I did my job and ended the sample. And, that indicates my end of the attachment. I passed up my temp card to the lab officer and walked out of the lab, without looking back. However, when I walked pass later, my eyes can’t help themselves but to just look at the entrance, just for once…

This two months were passing by so quickly that I am so shocked to see the end of the attachment comes nearer and nearer everyday. By the way, for some memory purposes, I did took some photos that doesn’t hurt the research in any way…

Here is the Lab Book I used. Since it is my Lab Book, I decorated it. But mostly insides were scribbles and big ugly words due to time constraint. I will compile the knowledge inside someday in some place…


Next will be these glassware. These were basically my first ‘belongings’ in that lab. :P After Lab officer gave me a talk on safety and about the lab, one of my mentor guided me in using the machine and preparing me for my future project. So, these buffers and solutions were the ‘preparation’. The first thing that came in my mind is – why are they all the same colour?! I am wondering if I am going to mistake any of them as another buffer and that’s it, my sample will be gone! Oh yea, other than that, I do owned several boxes of micropipette tips with eppendorf tubes – all labelled with my name and autoclaved by me. The first day, I was so amazed by autoclaved tape that I am observing that tape like a kid indeed. It’s a cool tape – and also an expensive ones :)

   08-06-10_1227 08-06-10_1228

Besides, I do worked on protein concentration for one of my mentor first before my main mentor came. He was so ‘brave’ to let me work on his sample… I learned from him quite a lot of things along the way, seriously. As I say, different people, different style! Anyway, after this concentration thing, that was the western blot. I won’t be showing any pictures regarding that process as it is a confidential information for the lab itself, forgive me.


I just felt this as a really good experience and exposure. Thanks to everyone who had been there!!!

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