Wednesday, July 07, 2010

LSM 2251 Field Trip: Ubin

This is a post to record down what happened. This is a trip for LSM 2251 last semester. We went to Ubin and I took back a rubber plant stick as souvenir.


Early in the morning, we took bus from school and reach the jetty and took a boat over. The day is rainy and gloomy. Yes, that’s how we ended up – we walked in rain for hours and I thought we won’t be able to see any birds around with this kind of weather…

But that is too early to judge since the first step we walked into the place, we saw this gorgeous bird, oriental pied hornbill! My camera can’t zoom that far, hence I took through my binoculars – hence explained the resolution over here:


We even get lost into a wrong route. As we searched our way with the two teachers: Professor Corlett and our TA Kwik, we actually walked into a path that says ‘do not enter’. Yes, after voting – it is decided our group is the adventurous group afterall…



Adventuring can lead to many things, beautiful places like the mangrove with loads of creatures!


And some unknown construction site with bridge that might collapse any moment. This one lead to nowhere. Instead, we have to head back and walked a big round out of there. Lucky for me that I wore real tight sport shoes. Those who wore loose ones, had to drag their way out of the mud…


The trip is memorable – wet and cold – but yet very good memory. I was walking in the rain with slight fever – and when I came back, I am doomed for the long and serious fever, but it’s still worth the trip :D

More photos.

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