Friday, July 30, 2010

Schindler’s List: A black and white journey into the history

Anyone who had passed by my room at night the day before last would be squinting to see if this person is right at mind. Flashing across my laptop screen were black and white motions. That’s because I am watching a black and white movie. It’s not all black and white, actually – since I did see some shades of red. The movie I watched, was a movie in my movie list quite some time ago – Schindler’s List.
First let me bring in some of the basic stories about Schindler’s List. Mr Schindler is a German who saved almost 1200 Jews in Jew massacre during World War II. He saved the Jews by bribing officials and also bringing the Jews captive into his own factory as labour. Schindler’s List is a list of names whom the Jews were listed and sent to his factory. However, for why he did that, it is still an unknown.
Son, in this movie, it shows how Mr Oskar Schindler, who is supporting Nazi, befriends the officials and shows the progress of the war. At first, the Jews in Poland were asked to register their family members. Then, they were sent into ghettos. And finally, the Jews were sent to concentration camps and there, the Holocaust. At the same time, Mr Schindler was busy with his business. He was unsuccessful in business and tried to make a fortune during the war time by hiring cheap Jew labour, producing products that can be used for military daily use such as pots. As the war goes, he started to care more of his Jew labour than the money he’s earning. Until the end, the Nazi surrendered and the Jews were saved at the moment Schindler was bankrupted.
Anyway, the movie is a good one. The soundtracks are not bad and I kind of like the black and whites. The story is good – not too bloody but yet not making the history looking too ‘tame’. The movie portrayed how the people reacted to the same policy – some fear, some trying to protest, some support, some proud, etc. Even among the Jews, we could see the different social status and how they all come to an end where everyone was the victim of the massacre. It also depicted a confused commandant, Amon Goth. He seemed cruel and blood-thirsty, but in another side, you could see his emptiness and loneliness. His emotion has fully shown a human’s normal expression.
This movie and the history had made me think about life much. From Hitler to Nazi, from World War to Jews – they gave us a lot of lessons. They gave us, the lesson of life! Along the way, there’s no definite right or wrong – there’s no definite victim or predator – because they are all human. All these had shown interesting features of human, showed how human strive through hardship, enjoys superior-ness and everything. Sometimes, I wondered, if one day, I am the one in the concentration camp, will I survive? Will my mind be strong enough to go through? If I am the soldier, will I be able to juggle between responsibility and moral? If I am the commandant, do I do these for the people, the country or Nazi? If I am to put myself into Hitler’s shoes, will it be some other reason that made a history change? These were human’s reaction towards life and I am very amazed by that. Indeed, there were so many things happened in between such as experimenting the campers and everything. And for all who paid their lives, no matter in flesh or soul (since some were paying their soul, although they are still alive and not being hunt), to make the history a valuable one, we should look into it and learn – a process, a big event that happened in human’s civilization…
There are so many to say but it’s a bit late – so, shall stop here :P

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