Monday, August 02, 2010

A Break Back Home

After vacation of almost a month at home with family and friends, I came back for the rest of the vacation for lab work, cca and minute hall stuff. During this very short yet very long vacation, I did satisfied myself with certain levels of knowledge being input and indulged myself in environments that I longed to be in. Indeed, lab had been keeping me from homesick for the whole vacation. In the morning, I will have to go to lab. After the first lab, I will go to the second lab. Sometimes, I do need to sandwich one lab between two period of time from another lab instead. All these were tiring and indeed mind-challenging. I think my brain works more with these kind of things as I really feel I am actually using them rather than just learning in class. But that’s the same reason that made my mind tired at the first few weeks of the vacation. Not only do I need to learn to be independent, initiative and good – as an undergraduate, I am expected to equip myself properly before attending a day’s warfare in lab. Sometimes, it’s stress and depress due to the environment, experiments and data – but sometimes, it’s exciting, adventurous and joyful due to the process. Even person like me who don’t really like to talk to people outside my concern, had started to bond between the lab members. At the end of the day, I will drag the mentally-tired and often physically exhausted body back to hall. However, I did gave myself a good rest during dinner time. I had good dinners and I gave myself some time for activities such as a short nap, some revision, some homework-doing, some self-improvement sessions etc. After that, I will have to head down for rag. Seriously speaking, I am ashamed of myself for helping out so little for the committee. They were working almost 24 hours per day, but I am only picking out a few hours everyday to help out. There were even several weekends that I skipped because of other functions. Other than rag, there will be nvac. Overseeing the newcoming year with new freshmen, it’s time to plan for recruitment. Although I am not the main person doing the thing, but it’s sometimes quite unpleasant to try squeezing all the updates and infos into your brain right after so many thing. But then, my life is a lot easier compared to others, since, after all these, I get a good night sleep in my room, shared with friends. There were times that I felt so tired that I wished I could just fall asleep on the bed without thinking of anything. I did start to get some mild homesick when I feel hungry. But, when I thought of the starting of the next day inside a place that I like, I really felt happiness inside me. It’s it that helps me to keep holding on to my dream and even reduced factors that will pull me back home!

Anyway, weeks passed, and here comes the last week of vacation. I went back home, happily and excitedly! Home is still home afterall – lab did reduced my mind capacity in thinking about it, but home’s attraction is always so big for me. Here I am, sitting on the dining hall with several things surrounding myself, recording my feelings and my moment during my days back at home. I simple loves home – even if it is just a short break! I always thought when I was in secondary school that I am a kid who don’t want to go back home and bombard my life with so many camps and activities – but time had proved it wrong – nothing can replace home – not even Hogwarts, I think…

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