Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Cadet’s Gathering

One of the good thing about long vacation is that most of the university will have vacation as well. Other than certain members who went somewhere else or working, undergraduate friends were mostly back in Penang. This is when you start to organize gatherings for different societies. Still remember I got the message about the gathering at Bryan’s and I thought of staying back at home and accompany my family for a nice dinner. When they found out about that, my parents were shoo-ing me to the gathering instead, saying that these gatherings are much more important. So, I ended up meeting these people, who had fought the odds together with me. It’s with them that we learned so many things, from lighting a fire to jungle survival, from rope tying to rope activities such as dropping down from Mengkuang dam, from leading a platoon to organizing an event, from reporting events to handing down all the knowledge we learned to the juniors… I shall say, it’s an incredible experience and meeting. And this meeting took us back to a tour of memory and updates of each others’ life. Besides, it leads to another event – Up the Tokun Hill…


It is so incredible when you look back how I had actually grown through this uniform body and we eventually are like big family with overwhelming numbers of people as members. From several photos collected from friends, I can see myself as a new member, joining backwoodsmen (2nd from left in photo).


After few years, we had been in several camps and organized junior camps, training camps, expeditions and so on. This includes a lot of meetings, a lot of discussions and a lot of time spent together.


After that, I got my full uniform and we ended up bonded as a family. We won prizes together, but we do had some ‘low’ times where we used as our lessons and go on in life to pursue a better result.

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