Monday, August 16, 2010

From Tokun Hill on Weesak Day

Remember that I mentioned the gathering within our batch of KRS (School Youth Cadet) and we decided to go for an outing before each of us part again for our future? At first we thought of Kerachut but realize it will eat up half a day and that day is a Weesak Day! Other than some of the others, I do need to follow my family to the Buddhist centre to pray. So, we set the venue as somewhere nearer and it’s Tokun Hill. As you can see, it’s a hill, so it is do-able for people like me :P. Yup, on that day, we had 3 cars shared. Each coming from different places. And we meet at the foot of the hill. As usual, the place is crowded and we were stunned or shocked by an event, just before we went up. A car drove by an auntie was having its way out of a junction where there was another row of car parking just opposite the junction. And what happened was that the auntie was so genius in driving that she stepped on the wrong ‘button’ by stepping ‘oil’ instead of ‘break’. How crazy is it? The car went zoomed and ‘BANG’ on the car right in front. The whole bonnet was all crumpled up and water splashing out of the car, alarm rang. The owner of the car was probably jogging somewhere and we felt so sorry for the owner that he have to pay for a loss while he or she just went for a jog in the morning. But no matter, while they sort the things out, we walked up and I took 2 photos using my phone, one on the way up, another on the way down.


We reached the top where we were just beside the three telecom or whatever tower stood. Some of them actually took photos but I haven’t got it, so, I will put up after I get it then… This is the one I took on the way down. The feeling of looking down on the town, it’s great!


After that, we went to Jusco for some meals and I went back home to go temple with my family :D

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