Thursday, August 05, 2010

Inception: A movie full with popcorns

inception_movie_poster First of all, a big pardon if the title did mislead any of you. The fact that I put in popcorns as tag, it’s mainly just a describe about the movie experience I had had for this movie – none of the business of that movie :D Watched this movie with my parents – accompanied by drinks and popcorns. The ticket price has dropped since it was sort of very late after the movie came out and it costs RM 6 per person. Other than that, the theatre was quite empty at that time.

If you ask me how was the movie, I would say, ok! For me, it didn’t create much surprise or whatever that is creating chaos around the world. However, I wouldn’t mind spending my time for a movie like that – why? Because it’s not a waste of time. It’s a movie that will ensure your brain isn’t fully asleep during watching, and for some people who had long been separated from the world of imagination, it’s a good brain teaser for them. I do like the concept in the movie and the soundtracks. The music was used quite at the right time and I will give them a hats off for that. Well, I think there will be no spoilers from me as the excitement of the movie is quite few and it’s very hard for me to list them down and at the same time ensuring you to enjoy the movie. Most of all, the movie has loads of action, in which some I like, some I don’t. So, enjoy!

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