Tuesday, August 10, 2010

La Vie en Rose: Life Story of Edith Piaf

LaVieEnRose001 Just like what I had said in the last post, I am going to tell about this movie <<La Vie en Rose>>. In French, this might be translated into ‘The Life in Pink’. But no matter what the title means, any person who love French language and culture should have known that <<La Vie en Rose>> is actully a famous song sung by Edith Piaf. This movie basically tells the story about Edith Piaf from a girl into an old women. Her life was not as lucky as most of us today, having to go through the toughness of life at that time and being brought up by someone who was not her parents. She started her career in singing by singing with joy with her friends. Along her career path, she faced stress and the movie did showed several flashes of difficulties she was going through and how her temper sometimes did get a bit irritating. But when you are putting yourself in her position, you might start to think that, maybe that’s the only way she could de-stress. In the movie, other than the story of Edith Piaf could be seen, we would be able to enjoy those classic songs sung by Edith Piaf. The song in this movie includes:

  • "La vie en rose"
  • "Non, je ne regrette rien"
  • "Milord"
  • "L'Hymne à l'amour"
  • "Les Mômes de La Cloche"
  • "Frou Frou"
  • "Il m'a vu Toute Nue"
  • "Il m'a vu Toute Nue"
  • "Padam"
  • "L'Accordéoniste"
  • "Mon Dieu"
  • "La Vie en Rose" (English Version)
  • "Mon Légionnaire"
  • "La Foule"
  • "La Marseillaise"

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