Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beverage Worth Mentioning

This is what I had been drinking over the vacation: Fresh Fruit Tea Experts 鲜茶工坊. At the start of the summer, when I went back home, there is one shop lot of this shop in front of my school. I didn’t buy anything. What others said was there were a lot of students buying after school. I came back to Singapore and went back two months later before school starts. This time, this single shop lot expanded into two. Other than that, it opened another branch just around one kilometre away, outside my house. I am quite amazed of the speed of the shop expanding. I bought the drink – which were different fruit tea, tea and bubbles(QQ) and jelly. The sweetness of the drink is quite refreshing as they were not using normal brown or white sugar syrup. For pure tea, it’s not sweet and just refreshing and cooling for me. It might not meet the standard as top beverage of the world, but I would have to say, I don’t mind spending the money on these, seriously. A good recommendation if you are thirsty, under hot sun and wonder where to get drinks :) For food wise, I am not that supportive since the food there were not really outstanding…

Here are some of the photos I got from its Facebook page:

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