Sunday, September 26, 2010

Black and White: NVAC Appreciation Dinner 2010 – Stepping Up and Down

NVAC (NUS Students’ Union Volunteer Action Committee) Appreciation Dinner 2010 fall on 18th September of 2010. The theme was Black and White. So, what is NVAC Appreciation Dinner? This is the day when we appreciate the effort of volunteer and committee throughout the year, as simple as that – just a show of gratitude :) So, this year, the venue is in Costa Sands Pasir Ris. Me and some of the committee ended up in Costa Sands Downtown East! :S We even paid a wasteful $1 for entrance fee for the wrong resort! But never mind that, we reached the right place at last. Since I was in the Whites during Juxtapose and I was actually nicked White House during that time, hence, I think it make sense for me to wear white…

So, the dinner started with a simple buffet and followed by ceremonies where volunteers got their appreciation certificate, especially PDs. What is more is that I am actually the photographer of that event and I arrived late! I finished my meal as soon as I get my hands on them and got the camera from the outgoing president. In some games, I donated my socks and shoelaces to some groups – ended up taking pictures of others with barefoot!

Here is me getting my Silver Certificate: =D

And I took a photo with ingoing NUH PD, sad that I signed up late – hoping to join next sem…

This is the NUH team!!!

And this is the lucky and yet so ngam moment where I was asking them to take photo and this person was finding the author of the heart he got – and it was me!

Anyway, there were other photos which is partly taken by me here. By this, I stepped down of NVAC 20 MC and is stepping up in NVAC 21 MC. Though this time, my job scope is reduced so that I can cope with academics! :D

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