Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chipmunks and Russian Dictatorship?!

How’s today?

It’s a mixture of drugs (what I meant is pharmacology, not abusing it), some French, some German and whole lot of Russia.


Early in the morning, I woke up quite early and was so happy to see the weather. It is windy, rainy and cooling. Seriously, instead of sitting inside a room that is closed down by blinds 24 hours and closed doors, I am so happy that I looked out of my window to let the wind in, and see the leaves fluttering down to the ground creating such a grandeur moment! I must say, that’s one of the reason I like G Block. It doesn’t have view that can see the sea, but it is green outside and when there’s different weather, you get to see the greenery in different ways. Oh yea, back to main topic, I started the day with my CA. The test went well, not that I did well, it might not be a very good paper from me, but I know what I am doing and I am satisfied with it. Through the test, I understand the course more and is more familiar with parts that I am weak at. I think that’s the whole point of exam isn’t it? (Although I don’t really like exams :P).

Anyway, life doesn’t end at CA. After that, we still have Pharmaco lecture and followed by my European of Dictatorship tutorial. The idea of going to a European Studies tutorial without reading and preparation is a disaster. But for my CA, I have to do that. During discussion, basically, as a Science people, I don’t get to say much – one of my groupmate who is a Korean was very quiet through the discussion as well. Last tutorial, being the only Science student in there, I was grouped (due to geographical factor) to this group with people who are more likely to give me chance to talk: there is this local guy who talked a lot but is willing to listen, the Korean guy whom I met again just now, a Canadian who is always pointing out how Science people like me can arrange my point of view to look more professional and another senior-looked guy who sounds like the group coordinator. But this group, due to the not-that-strategic geographical situation, three of us was quite out of the group, haha – but we did said something while talking to the tutor, lucky! Anyway, today is more of Stallin and we get to discuss a lot of things that trace back to French Revolution. In between, there’s some that comes to German due to Nazi stuff. The tutor a.k.a our lecturer actually had a ringtone just to remind him that we need a toilet break :S. But he joked that those were from Lenin and Marx. He actually acted as a chipmunk un the class… Can you see the link between Chipmunks and Russian Dictatorship? You will understand if you were there… There, this reminds me of how much readings I have to catch up and also a document analysis. According to this ‘kind’ lecturer, this is a ground training for us who wants to do a final year thesis under him because he says historians (real historians) analyse documents and we were expected to analyse original documents now, just for the training :T…Yup, not a long essay but it definitely need to squeeze in loads of things and I am doing it back at home when I have only photocopies of references and Internet to rely on (ah!). Plus, the tutor will be officially on holiday during the recess week (with his soft drinks with the little colourful umbrella at the glass – that’s what he said) and will not even open his mailbox – yea, I will see how interesting my life is to analyze a historical original document… :D

Anyway, this is the end of the post. Still have loads to catch up but I will slowly share what had been happening so far in this blog as well – must keep the blog alive, yeah!!!

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