Monday, September 13, 2010

The Fan and the Mudblood Story

Initially I wouldn’t want to share these things in blog but then I asked, “Why not?!” Remember I mentioned some freak staying in the same cubicle I am staying in, the one that asked brainless questions? Yes, it’s about it. The thing I use ‘it’ is I don’t even wish to categorize that object into any category. But now, I’m kinder that I find a new category and it suits my personality to say that – a Mudblood. Yes, that Mudblood which was weird enough to be called one. Today, I’m going to tell about the Fan Story only since there will be too long for a post to tell all the tales.

So, the Fan stories begins at today morning. I have a fan, some Muggle creation that make the air circulation better on hot days. Yesterday night, I was rather sweaty, hence I decided to turn it on and put in the middle and press the ‘cooler’ option off since it’s not that crucial and plus I haven’t fill in the water. But today morning, I was awaked by the uneasiness of sweating. Then, I looked over to the cooler and the fan is now facing that Mudblood and the ‘cooler’ option is on without having the water filled. FREAK, ARE YOU MAD?! If that thing spoiled, I’m going too make it pay Galleons by Galleons! So, that’s today’s fan tales… For the history, it had been happening since don’t know when.

The mistake came from me who said that ‘we can share’ – this is the thing, never ever befriend a Mudblood – they have bad blood! It’s not easy to hold your breath and not casting a Killing curse when everyday you woke up sweating with your own cooler facing the other side. Other than that,  the fan used to be placed on my right side. But apparently, the Mudblood always took it and pull it towards itself and face itself, not that I can’t even get a wind out of it, the wire was getting me crazy by having me tripping over it times.

In the end, I decided to put it the other side, my left side, under the table, facing sideways to reach both me and Mudblood’s table. Then Mudblood came asking me, “Hey, can pull out the fan to face me? I feel hot.” I explained how putting on the right side tripped my way. So, I pulled the cooler out a bit and let the wind totally blows towards her. But that was not enough for Mudblood. It jumped of its chair and came pulling it by force to make it to move to her table. WHAT THE FREAK! Even when my chair was in between the cooler and its desk, that Mudblood was pulling with full force trying to get it over – this shows two things – Mudblood doesn’t only have bad blood – they obviously have bad brains as well – thinking the cooler can go through the chair.

But most of all, its the disrespectful and unappreciative of this Mudblood that matters. Taking granted of its own life – no knowing a Dark Wizard was just holding the breath…


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