Thursday, September 16, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I Videogame

First, I would like to express my disappointment after watching the trailer. I haven’t play this game but won’t mind getting a try if I have a system that can support the programme. Anyway, this time, the game was changed to shooter-style game. Not that I don’t like shooting-style games, I like playing if the characters are army, adventurer, gunmans or whatever – but Harry Potter?! Nope, imagine he was using a wand and all that comes out of the tip of the wand are sparks of different colours and aim-and-shoot way to defeat the enemy. The feel of magic is totally lost, I might say – from what I feel from the trailer. Nonetheless, the graphics are still a big problem. I understand the way the character is not very look-a-like as the real person – but the interface is so not-magical and with the Dementors looking as though they’re metallic. The whole thing reminds me of Star Wars again and not something magical! Argh, I hope they will come out with something better for the last part of the game… Yes, but I still will be glad if I have chance to play the game… :P

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