Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Learn to Forgive

Nonetheless, this morning is yet another morning I woke up to see the fan tilted with the ‘Cool’ option turned on without the water filled and the speed is tuned to maximum. Sort of quite upset because I don’t really want to say anything. Those whom I talked to will know why I had been controlling my emotion all these while. But yea, I talked to my parents yesterday about this problem again. I’m that kind of child who will tell all these things to my Mummy and Papa. My Dad asked me to learn to let go – to forgive, although he was quite upset with such a situation I am in. After listening to his explanation, I do understand how important is it for me to forgive it but it’s not easy to do. I would wish one day, I can fully forgive it, but I am not sure I can do it in short term sense. All I wanted to do is to ignore this fellow out of my life because I don’t see a worth to spend any time on it. But still, I think, to pursue a true peace, is to let go all the emotion I have and forgive – hence, this will be a post to remind me about this task. Not saying I’m not going to blog about things happened by it, but at least, not that kind that will affect my emotion – maybe, I can start by writing at a third person’s view? Readers, wish me luck in letting it go and truly understand the power of forgiveness…

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