Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Raya Lunch with Lydia and fellow friends!

This is last Sunday, just 2 days after Hari Raya Puasa. Lydia, whom invited me to her house last year invited me again this year, how honoured :D. And I accepted the invitation, of course. At first I sort of injured my foot the day before and was wondering whether I should go. But after hesitation, I decided to go there just for some food and with a pair of comfortable shoes. Plus, I put on some ointment and the foot felt ok at the moment haha! I was late, shame… The moment I stepped into her house, they were going to start eating. So, I joined in the queue. Pak Cik and Mak Cik was laughing the way we automatically queue up for the food. The dishes were nice, with some special fried beehoon with mashed shrimps, butter rice, sambal curry with chicken, carrot and potatoes with spices, and some other curries…. After the dishes, we sat around the small table examining small snacks such as brownies by Lydia herself, cupcakes, kek lapis, different buttery cakes, crackers such as some cornflakes with honey, pineapple tarts, chocolate coated cookies, some cookies that I missed at home and also Muruku and nuts…

In between we visites the two cage of Peanut and Butter, two hamsters in her house. One is so fat, one is so tiny, gosh! Playing with them is very fun :D And at the same time we learned about the Bomb Shelter in new Singapore houses. Some HBO movie did went by at the same time, haha… Yups, the day is so superb!

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