Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Meal during Summer

You might be asking why am I still missing the food back home when I’m going back in few days time. But this is not what I miss, really. This is just that me and my family tried in a Thai outlet in Jusco and I took some photo. Not easy to find a proper Thai food in NUS, you know… Anyway, I am showing the ‘ice’ first to tell that I will not order that again from this outlet. It’s not that it’s bad, but it’s very expensive. But for the sake of eating with family, it’s worth it :D


But other than that, the dishes were quite nice. The outlet is meant for steamboat initially – so it’s not very fair to comment about their other dish at the first place. But yet, the tomyam is a thrill for me because that was one of the rare bowl I had since going back home and you finally had that sour and spicy soup down your throat whoah! Another favourite of mine will be the Kelabu. That’s fresh and the mango is right at the right time ripe – zhan! The other two dishes are quite nice but nothing special…


And this is the Honeydew milkshake. My brother thought it is not thick enough but yet the slight smell of honey dew did made my day :)


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