Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This is Why We Need Home

It is recess week we are talking about now and I went back home! Not that I have nothing to do and no deadlines to meet – but going back home simple meant more than just physically appearing in that building. I will have CAs and loads of essay due after this week and I brought some of the sources that might be of useful use during my stay back at home.

Why home? Home is simply just a place for me to recharge myself. Back at home, I am going through a much quality life. I get good sleep, good room, good food, good family and everything is much more convenient. I can spend the same amount of money but getting double of its value compared to back at school. I get to eat meals with family. When it is hot, I can turn on the air conditioner. I can watch TV whenever I want and whichever channel I want, as long as no one is using it (which means always). When I am bored, I can still access Internet (although in a slower rate). I get to study on a table that I studied for my previous years – all those memories were back :). I can access water just downstairs (not walking from the end of one corridor to another end). I can simply store my food inside the fridge, use the utensils and get the food back without worrying someone is going to munch them off. I can blast music, play piano, slam guitars. When I feel like getting something from outside, I can just drive out (not like back at school where I need to walk, walk and walk, and mrt and bus and mrt and bus :S).

Most of all, I think studying back at home has something really good. I am living a truly student life. I get to study my own, with no one to bother me about supper, no one to ask me weird questions and it’s totally my own schedule. When it’s time to eat, the whole family will have some really good food instead of PGP food. Early in the morning, I can relax a bit by looking at the ‘forest’ out there (it’s actually just plants that were no arranged accordingly). I felt so comfortable back home as though I am some philosophers/learners who decided to live on a mountain and meditate for the peace of mind. The feeling is just superb! The only difference is that I get to use my laptop to connect to the world, I guess…

So far, I had two days back at home and it’s really nice. So, enjoy yours as well!

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