Sunday, September 26, 2010


YAY! Finally, I finished and finalized the document analysis I am to pass up for Europe of Dictators module! It has never been easy to write things like that. First, I am not a history person – Second, I got a C for my Sejarah during O-level. But, truly speaking, I like history but grades just doesn’t comes together :D that’s just a fact of life.

How about the essay this time? That’s my first essay on serious level 3000 history module. In total, I don’t think I deserve to score much. I didn’t really read much compared to others. My words were not so professional compared to those professional history and political science majors. But throughout the process of writing, I realized I have a lot of things to learn and need to ask the professor. But the apparently that professor was having his own holiday away from home, on the beach with a glass of soft drinks covered with a small colourful umbrella. Yeap, that’s why I think I need to pay a visit once the school start to clear the doubts in order to make me understand the context more.

It’s really happy to finish the assignment although there were more chasing behind. For example, now, I am going to concentrate on two papers which will come on the same day, back-to-back! At least I have one less thing to think of, eh? :)

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