Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beautiful Moth


This is a moth I took back in G307 before I moved out (I think just days before moving out). Seriously, it’s very beautiful, given its colouration. Another thing is, I categorized it as moth. Why? All are assumptions. I deduced it as a moth due to its not so slender body and duller green compared to bright, striking ones. The internet was telling about furry antennae, but I don’t remember noticing it. Another thing would be a slightly furry body – which is said to be the reason why the moth looks fluffy. Anyway, furry body has something to do with losing the temperature, if I hadn’t read wrongly. Notice the slight brownish yellow line at its wing edge It made me felt like a leave going off to senescence. Yup, I guess that will be its natural habitat, by having this type of leafy camouflage.


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