Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CNET: France’s Gourmet School Lunches

There you go, don’t ask me how did I get across this video, because I forgot. All I knew is that I am quite impressed by how they show the love towards culinary. It was actually something like a plan to fight obesity, especially among children – which is a rising problem of this period of time. Now, now, this is what we need – a healthy way in diet to fight obesity – a real diet – not plans leading to people eating rabbit food or living on mere grams of biscuits or even empty stomach just to get that few grams off your body. Healthy diet, can make sure you are heading towards a less-likely-to-get-obese days as well. For those who wish to cut down like 10 kg per week or something like that – sorry, go back to your carrot sticks. Healthy diet for fighting obesity was not about losing a lot at one time – it takes longer time, and eventually safer.

What these Parisians came up was about the school lunch meal plan. In order to provide a balanced diet and at the same time introduce the kids to their local french culinary, they were given fiver-course meal, healthy and balanced. The menu will be sent to the parents to inform the food being served in school and at the same time, another recommended dinner meals were suggested to the parents as well. Eating fast-food style is a total no-no to them and they basically detested it. In their opinion, that’s a total disgrace to the art of eating. There’s even one who commented how eating time is very important. It is a time when you share with your family, your friends, your co-workers – sharing, chatting and spending time. I am very amazed how these French people are so serious of eating.About hygiene, it could be seen that the preparation of food inside the school is quite systematic with cleaning of equipments and preparation process.

Go on, I’m not going to say everything, just have a look at the video – don’t worry – it’s in English and English translation if someone’s speaking French. This video, deepened my love and passion towards the art of food – eating and preparing!

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