Sunday, October 24, 2010

Diary of a Wimpy Kid


What’s more wrong than writing about a movie review when you have a simulation for a congress in two days time? That’s when Greg, the main character, started his middle school. This movie was based on a series of story books with the same name. I saw the book on the shelf before but the prices were just holding me back despite those very nice design and cartoons of the book. In this movie, it is going to be the first year of Greg in his middle school. For many of you, you might think it was just a rowdy movie with childish action – well, childish is the most natural and truthful act of a human, in fact. Greg wished to be cool in his new school and he eventually started the school thinking everything is going to come his way, until everything went wrong. In the end, he was left with the situation : at home, brother was bullying him with his parents not caring much of him; at school, he is still the nobody and worst of all, due to his acts in trying to catch up with the school cliques, he loses his closest friend. Not only that, in the process of finding something he could shine in, he found his talent in singing but due to school politics, he was allowed only to be the tree at the background. Everything was turning the other way and he was left alone. In the end, he nearly broke off a fight with his closest friend. And that’s when bully from high school came. In here, Greg did something that changed the fate of the relationship. By that, he admitted himself and being labelled with the ‘Cheese Touch’ kid. Eventually, he and his friend became closer than ever and although they were not the top of the fame list, he learned a lot of lessons and earned himself a friendship. Technical wise, it’s like any other school life style movie. But, I do admit I like the soundtrack. They were not classics but tones that were so right to the point. In conclusion, this movie has a great story with great lessons for us to learn Sourire.


Khayshi said...

A nice movie. =)
Friendship over popularity.

Mafer said...


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