Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Falling Training Principle

Everything was fine, except negative feeling with my pharmaco CA test. Despite the extra effort made, I not only got below average but bottom of the class. It was quite disappointing at first and it is sad, I have to admit – questioning myself how much effort I can ever put in more. But then, I received calls from my Mummy and Papa (they just called separately when they were even in the same building, ha!). And something happened that made me realized something…

It was the volleyball training. Annie was wishing to prepare us with the mentality to get ready and run for the ball. To get us the daring to do that, she thinks, she have to prepare us to be ready to fell down. So, we spent half of training falling down. We will be thrown with balls and we need to rush out and get it – and it is supposed to make us stretch and fall at all times. In the end, I ended up with pairs of reddish knees, weird legs and whole body of dust from the cheerleading mats – but inside, I learned something. There is this ball that you need to get, and that’s your goal. To achieve it, you will need to run with the most of you, putting all your effort – stretching, even to the limit that it might hurt you. But no matter how, sometimes, the ball was just out of reach and you will fall. Falling is just a process, because you will need to stand up again and get ready for the second one. Failed the first time, never mind, stand up, a second time, failed again, never mind, a third time… And this is how life is! It is not easy to let go of feelings that make people upset due to things not going as expected – but that should not stop us! If I can physically fall down hundreds of times and stand back up again, why can’t I mentally?! This is really a good motivation and I call it the Falling Training Principle.

The next thing will be something about quote and I will share it in the next post. Sourire


Chean said...

Jiayou Mafer!! :)

Mafer said...

haha... thanks!!! You too!

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