Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fox’s Crinkles (Milk Chocolate)


Have no doubt but to say thank you to this pack of cookies. It’s the expensive pack of cookies I got from Nanyang Mart the other day when I was actually finding cookies with fruits. Ended up buying this with milk chocolate toppings, I did not try it until today. Having a unbalanced meal (heavy and late lunch, light dinner), near midnight, I started to hear my tummy rumbling for feedings. Instead of those pineapple cookies just beside me, I thought of this pack of ‘gold-ly priced’ cookies. Just by pulling the edge, the packet was led to an opening at the end, easy! And what came in was so yummy! cookies with really thick milky chocolate. For sweet chocolate lovers, this is what will put a smile on your face! It really made my ‘supper’ super!

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