Friday, October 22, 2010

How’s Friday?

Simply, I have no idea what should I put for the title since it’s really just a Friday. Anyway, this marks an end to Week 10. Crazy ain’t it? I finished my microbiology test, which is oddly comprising 30% with 25 mcq questions. But anyway, right after the test, my brain was like self-arranging the organization to prepare for the next task – which is to fill in information. Next, the history class. Today was more on Nazism and Adolf Hitler – and it was just about how he came into becoming the Chancellor. This took us a 2 hours lecture where I was scribbling as much as I could on the paper for notes. I ended up with 7 pages of ugly handwritten notes and a brain swelling with information. And just when I wish to check the spellings for the names, though, remembering a pile – or a mountain of readings back there waiting for my attention, ha! When I came back and had my lunch, I was so dizzy that I had my evening nap, which is quite rare this semester. But nevertheless, the nap was interrupted with constant consciousness of mine against the dry throat and uneasy breath due to the haze outside. In the end, I was exhausted and woke up just in time to catch up with the committee for a bbq session. We were wondering how much does the event contributed to the haze – but after all that, we were still happily eating. Most of the time was spent on chatting and talking – especially with the publicity director and an exchange student from China. We do talked about a lot of unessential stuff that has nothing to do with academics among the people. I ended up filling my stomach with quite a reasonable amount of otak-otak, sausages and marshmallows. Surprisingly, these were quite filling though Sourire. And yes, now, I am bathed and refreshed, with a better mind, continuing towards my next tasks (they comes in mixture usually, Rire)… *and I really don’t get why Windows Live Writer is giving these not-really-cute emoticons Fâché*

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