Saturday, October 02, 2010

Strange Dream

While reading for cardio assignment, I suddenly remembered a strange occurrence that had passed this week. It was on Wednesyday morning when I find myself walking in a corridor in FASS and my watch shows 4 pm and I was on the phone, trying to text someone to inform my late-ness or inability to rush to my practical. It is supposed to be my ECG practical! And my hand kept slipping from the keypad, making me nervous with flashes of European Studies images flashing in my mind. In the chaotic situation, I sort of thought I am actually in a dream and what happened next was my mind blanked. The next thing was me waking up from the dream I just had, and I am figuring out whether I missed ECG practical. Then two men came, with the same face. One of them said, “It’s okay, it’s just a dream. Now is Wednesday, you can still go to your practical.” I sort of relieved when the other men argued, “No, Wednesday is yesterday, remember? You had missed it.” My mind was so confused that something inside me tells me, this is not right – or I really had just missed the practical. And, it blanked. And I woke up again. This time, in my room in KE. I was sweating and I spent minutes recalling whether that day was actually Wednesday or did I really missed the practical. Lucky for me, it’s not over yet – I managed to attend the practical class, all right. Phew!

This is the first dream I made in months and it’s weird. I think by clearing my mind and controlling whether or not dream, I had started to lose the ability to control myself in dreams – how can I even believe those two men were real?!

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