Sunday, October 03, 2010

Suspicious Guest

This is taken during my first return of this summer vacation. The first thing I saw over at the wall was this when I reached home from the airport. I thought it was some crack on the wall and my Dad creatively covered them up with some ugly earth. But days had passed and I asked my Mum about it and she was so surprised to know that. I wonder why she never notice that…


It turned out to be termites and was actually coming out from some wood pieces we brought back last time. The whole evening spent to make sure the termites were gone and the nest (which was the earth lines) were destroyed. It’s quite sad to destroy their houses – but it’s either their house or they destroy ours in this case – and we chose the previous ones… Well, it’s the first time I look at the termites and its houses so closely. I can even see some bigger ones, might be the female – but we didn’t manage to find the real Queen – the big fat ones…

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