Monday, October 11, 2010

Uncle Richard’s Surgery

It was just recently that I got the news. Uncle Richard collapsed in his office one day and was sent to the hospital. By that, he was diagnosed with 4th stage brain cancer, with expected life left not more than weeks. (Do note that all these were coming from sources such as phoning back and messages through family, hence, there might be some inaccuracy)

The tumour was said affecting his vision and speaking, so, I assume is at the posterior side but have no idea how 4th stage can means in its spread. But I do wonder how he actually shows no symptoms until this late, cancer is interesting to understand. By the way, since there is only few weeks left for live, he decided to undergo a surgery. The brain surgery, said the doctor, has 50-50 chance to live or die because he himself (assuming it’s a male doctor) has no full confidence in it. But they decided to make it a try. What happen was, the news seems to spread across the nation, even my Aunt staying somewhere outside the region get to know the news (I salute the quickness of news transduction). And each of them were sending their best wishes and pray in what they believe throughout the operation. I did pray a bit, including the prayer Aunt Emily sent me and also my own Buddhist prayers. Actually, I was just surprised on how I reacted to the news. I am suspecting my normal-ness sometimes. When I knew the news from my brother, I just gave a call back to clarify the news. Then after that, I started to ask about what kind of tumour, what symptoms, which area affected and what is the treatment he’s going to undergo and etc. I found my heart more interested in knowing the brain structure than knowing how the family acted on the news – I think I am very bad at asking those things, haha! But it will be a long drill before I can consider myself heading into neurological field since I know how interesting and complicated it is.

Anyway, this evening, while I was having a nap (see, I didn’t really pray that hard, tsk!), my Mum was calling me (I called back previously to complain about my cooler issue, :D) to tell me about the current condition. Uncle Richard had finished his operation and is now in ICU. The doctor’s comment was the operation was a great success with him actually survived and he showed signs of opening eyes and moving toes (I assume this means reduced possibility of paralysis due to nerve damage during surgery). However, since it is a 4th stage cancer, the doctor warned that his life will mostly extend around two years and possibility of relapse. So, this is the end of the story! I still feel it’s so cool that the brain surgery actually succeeded, brain is a troublesome area to operate, you see…

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