Thursday, October 07, 2010

Useful Consultations

Went for two consultations yesterday after class and it turned out to be much better than I thought. The first one was with Dr K. It was regarding my essay on Stalin’s Five Year Plan document analysis. I actually emailed him right after passing the paper up to indicate doubts and problems I faced in the process of completing the task. He turned out to prefer meeting me after marking my essay and we did. And yes, I entered to ask some not really significant questions about kulaks and it turned out that for that module, it’s not a must to go too deep into that aspect. Later on, he went on with his conversation on commenting my essay and point out what the problem he finds I have through my essay. Basically, he explained everything through the essay and gave me a talk on how the document analysis should be. Since I am a Science student, he understand my situation and gave me an idea how to came out as a good historian. What’s wrong with my essay? Many – but mainly is that when I analysed the document, I was too concentrating at one part of the story and gradually skewing out of the scope. The lecturer said he won’t mark me a fail but I need to reinforce my focus for the next analysis, ha! What he commented was, “If this essay was to analysed the collectivization aspect of the FYP, this essay would have been scoring very well” Dang, is that a compliment or a critic :P But it had been a pleasure to talk to him and I would feel a bit sorry because due to all these doubts, he was passionately explaining about the issue from over at his desk to sitting on the chair beside me and point to me one by one where the issues were. Thanks, teacher, for that!

The next one is Professor Wong from my Fundamental Pharmaco. First, finding his office is rather difficult during lunchtime. And the office is really an office, not a lab. And, he’s as busy as he could. Consulting him is a total contrast of Dr K though. In total, there were four students meeting him just for consultation for the same thing and we were sitting there in front of him (three at first, and the fourth came in later). We were to ask questions, mainly over the CA questions and he will explain them one by one. At the same time, while our eyes were zooming left and right across the papers, he was busy over his table with a traditional wooden 2B pencil, calculating from a non-scientific traditional big calculator. However, he did gave some suggestions and comments on the study and everything in the end and asked something else, which is quite kind of him to take out such time to do all these. His business includes a couple of people who came to find him, one of projects. Busy man, busy man…

After these two consultation, not only does the doubts I had been cleared, but the path forward was quite clear as well. Really thank them for the time they are willing to take out just for the consultation – now I understand why consultation fee can be that high sometimes :D

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